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Water and Sewer Department

The Water & Sewer Department is responsible for the maintenance of the various water and sewer district plants throughout the town.

  • Superintendent┬áMichael G. Messenger
    128 Rock Ridge Drive
    Monticello, New York 12701
    Fax: 845-794-2777
  • Assistant Superintendent Keith Rieber

The following separate districts are maintained in the Town of Thompson:

  • Anawana Sewer District
  • Cold Spring Sewer District
  • Dillon Farms Sewer District
  • Emerald Green Sewer District
  • Lake Louise Marie Sewer District
  • Harris Sewer District
  • Harris Woods Sewer District
  • Kiamesha Lake Sewer District
  • Melody Lake Sewer District
  • Sackett Lake Sewer District

Please note that it is a crime under state and town law to tamper with a water meter or to connect a water meter after a shut off order has been issued. The Town will enforce its law for the benefit of all district users.